Diaper Seat Pose

Founder, Lara Hocheiser prsenting the Mindful Beginnings workshop at Head Start in Utica, NY

Founder, Lara Hocheiser prsenting the Mindful Beginnings workshop at Head Start in Utica, NY

Have you ever noticed how baby will stop fretting when you change your position and theirs? By simply standing up, turning them around, or moving them to a new position, you can change baby’s outlook for the better.

Here’s a hold to try for just such an occasion: Diaper Seat Hold. A great way to turn around wee ones’ fussiness is to make them feel secure and connect to the world around them. Note this hold is done once you have offered diaper, food, and nap to no avail.

By holding baby’s back against your chest, securing them across the chest with one hand, and placing your other hand under the diaper area with fingers toward the front of the body. This hold works well for small babies who enjoy visually exploring the world in front on them. And for the older, studier babies, this is a great position for mom, dad or caregiver to do squats, jumps, a little dance, or any movement that will entertain the little one. See our Founder, Lara Hocheiser (pictured here) is holding a happy baby using the Diaper Hold. Our time with Baby is a bonding investment--parents and teachers can also use this hold to stimulate neurological and social growth of babies and toddlers.

Just think: baby is connecting visually with the world around them. Baby is seeing the world from your height, a new perspective. Baby is gaining spatial awareness. Baby is also having fun, being held, and having a ball!

Diaper Hold.png

Diaper Hold

How to:

  1. Secure baby across the chest with one hand.

  2. Place your other hand under the diaper area, fingers toward the front of the body.

  • Great for small babies who want to see what’s going on in front of them.

  • Fun position to do squats and gentle jumps while holding older, sturdy babies. 

  • Note, do not practice this hold with babies that can not hold their head up unless baby is leaning against your chest.

To share this hold and many other techniques, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga now offers new course: Self-care, Yoga & Mindfulness for different audiences – from new and budding parents, to infants and toddlers, preschoolers, and even for home visitors such as grandparents and caregivers. There are learning opportunities coming soon, check out our events! This will be part of the upcoming teacher training called Mindful Beginnings, launching August 2018!

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