Happy Fourth of July -- FREE coloring page!

Crab Pose

We at Flow and Grow Kids Yoga would love to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! Here is a free coloring page printable featuring a fun summer pose - Crab Pose! 


  • Opens your chest

  • Tones your lower back

  • Strengthens your spine and core.

This pose is also great for strengthening your breathing. Try out this pose this summer!

How to:

  1. Sit on your bottom with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

  2. Place your hands behind your hips on the ground.

  3. Press your hands and feet down as your lift your hips up high.

  4. Lengthen your belly, chest, and back of the neck. Think of making the front body into a straight line.

  5. Release your bottom down.

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