How Training To Be a Kids Yoga Teacher Changes Lives


What Effect Has Our Kids Yoga Teacher Training Had on Participants?

Stories From Parents, Teachers, Clinicians, School Admin, Children

It’s pure joy to see people transform.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve hosted 12 kids yoga teacher trainings and certified over 75 teachers.  

There’s a domino effect. People drop what is no longer working for them. In its place, they build lifelong healthy habits for themselves and the children they care about.

Participants come from many walks of life and the thing that ties them together is their love of the children in their lives.

“Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teacher training was hands down one of the best, most positive and inspiring weekends of my life!" Meghan P., Parent

Time after time, I’ve witnessed parents who once felt powerless, regain hope for their children’s anxiety and behavioral challenges. For example, a mom that was running out of patience and energy because her little girl refused to take part in bedtime. Exhaustion and tantrums ruled the house.

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Om Births (Inner Strength Studios, Watertown) 2015

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Om Births (Inner Strength Studios, Watertown) 2015


Every night was a struggle until they implemented nightly family yoga class. Mom and daughter report being well rested and more bonded than ever. Tantrums are way down and love is way up.

Time after time, I meet talented clinicians teaching kids important skills like speech therapy. They are so good at what they do but the resistance they are facing from anxious, abstinent children is impenetrable before they introduce yoga and mindfulness.

The children need to feel safe enough to release their guard and let the teachings in. The training they receive from us allows the clinician to reach the patient. And both benefit, as do the families involved. Careers are enriched. Lives are improved.

Teachers call me on their last straw, ready to walk out after 25 years in the classroom. They report the children having more behavior issues and stress than ever. The same old isn’t working and it’s taking its toll on everyone. Students and teachers are wired and tired and needing respite.

Then after the training, the emails and calls I get about how this work has become integral in everything they do together in the classroom. That it hasn’t taken time and energy but replenished time and energy.

School administrators that were skeptical about yoga and mindfulness wind up implementing school and district wide initiatives following this training to empower their staff to pass these important tools down to the students.

And the children have closer ties to parents, less anxiety receiving services, and more learning is taking place in their classrooms.

Children have told me they want to be kids yoga teachers so that they can make a difference in the lives of other kids. We now have more teens than ever inquiring and joining us to train.

If you are a student, parent, caregiver, pediatric clinician, school administrator, teenager, or other person working with children, the time is NOW to bring the tools into your life and daily practice. We have several upcoming teacher training opportunities.

After one weekend, you will have the know-how and community support to integrate yoga and mindfulness into the work you do with kids.


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