Relaxation Guided Imagery

This guided imagery is a relaxation activity for early childhood aged children. Instruct them to lie down or get cozy in their own way. They can close their eyes if they want. Then read this slowly with a backdrop of relaxing music such as ocean waves or white noise.


  • Uses imagination

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Stimulates scientific thinking

Use with a weather unit, Spring Sequence Lesson Plan, or any time you want to help your littles relax.

Heavy Rain Cloud

Rain Cloud from Pickit Free Images.png

“Once upon a time, you were a raindrop in a big, heavy rain cloud. The rain cloud got heavier and heavier and drippier and drippier and started to sag down, down, down. As the cloud sagged, your little drop began falling. You fell down, down, down through the sky and onto the grass where you landed safely. You slipped down, down, down the grass into the dirt where you landed once again. You fell through the dirt through the earth down, down, down until you landed in an underground puddle. Splash! You landed with other raindrops and you all became one. Your puddle developed a rhythm like swoosh, swoosh, swirl, swoosh, swoosh, swirl, and ebb flow slow, ebb flow slow.

When it was your turn, you got sucked up, up, up to the earth through the dirt and up, up, up through the dirt to the grass and up, up, up the grass into the sky and the thirsty sun drank you up and you landed safely back in a rain cloud in the warm sky. The cloud started off light as air, but as your friends joined it got drippier and heavier until it all began again. The End.”


Snow Angel


Snow Angel Instructions

  1. With plenty of space around for stretching and spreading out, lay on your back.

  2. Imagine you're bundled up nice and warm, and you are outside in the snow, making a snow angel.

  3. Stretch out your arms and legs, move your arms up and down, from above your head to down by your side several times. At the same time, move your legs--ankles together, and ankles apart. Imagine clearing the snow around you.

  4. As you feel ready to stop movement, let your limbs stop in any spot. Rest in stillness.

  5. If it feels right, close your eyes. Relax deeply in your snowy bed.

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