Chair Yoga Workshop

Experience chair yoga with your staff. A sustainable, affordable alternative to classroom yoga, see how a program in chair yoga can improve focus, morale, and posture for your students and teachers. Comes with a handout you can print and distribute.

For groups that have more than 30 people in attendance, please contact Lara below for pricing. 

Our Chair Yoga Workshop is available for the classroom (teachers and/or students) or in home with your kids and family.

Why Chair Yoga? 

Chair yoga is a sustainable option for adding yoga programing into a school day that does not require moving furniture, which helps avoid long transitions and a possible mess. Chair yoga is a viable option for busy students and teachers who cannot possibly add another program to the end of the school day. It inserts well into your current class schedule, and can serve many students in one day. 

  • No mats needed
  • No materials purchased or stored
  • Safe 
  • Widely accessible.
  • Allows students to participate at will
  • Teachers can participate
  • Teachers can easily use the skills learned when yoga instructor is not present
  • Students become more self-aware
  • Alleviates discomfort caused by sitting
  • Low-cost, shorter sessions
  • More children can be served

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Lara has been an amazing yoga teacher to my children for over five years, from the time my children were eighteen months old to the present. Lara led my daughter’s birthday party one year and has taught a weekly yoga class at my home with eight to ten children for the past three years. She is kind, caring and compassionate with the children. Each session Lara offers unique and creative ways to teach the children body awareness, coordination and she has developed their confidence. Her love of yoga and teaching comes through in her sessions and it creates a warm and happy environment for the children to shine. My daughter and son both look forward to yoga every week and they love it. Lara is also an excellent communicator, educator and source of information for parents.

Since Lara moved to New York City, my children have continued their yoga through Lara’s Flow and Grow Kids Yoga in my home with Emily Bider as the instructor. Emily is also a wonderful person and instructor; the children love learning with Emily each week.
— Carrie G.