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Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are perfect for teaching young yogis, keeping the special development of children in mind.  Each curriculum comes with 3 lesson plans grouped by age (ages 2-7, 7-11 and 11+). Within each lesson plan you will find breaths, mindfulness activities, crafts and yoga sequences. We recommend you use our activities and sequences, but adapt it in the ways you see best suit you and the children you serve. When you see kids responding to something, take it and run with it. Allow the spontaneity and interest of kids to strengthen this curriculum as you notice they come alive. 

The lessons take shape by theme. Each theme provides the opportunity to discuss important topics for children to grow into their best self. We use social emotional learning, yoga, and daily practices to help children develop a sense of self, deeper compassion and empathy, and to enjoy the unfolding process of learning to move the body. 

Seasonal Lesson Plans


Fall Sequence + Lesson Plan

  • 3 Lesson Plans

  • Yoga cards - sequence

Our Fall Yoga Cards + Curriculum help students shift from Summer to the academic year. The yoga sequence will help yoga practitioners of all ages to feel a deeper sense of balance within. 


Hop into Spring with our Spring Yoga Cards + Curriculum. These lesson plans are perfect for warming up our bodies.

Spring Sequence + Lesson Plan

  • 3 Lesson Plans

  • Yoga cards - sequence


Summer Sequence + Lesson Plan

  • 3 Lesson Plans

  • Yoga cards - sequence

We created this Summer Yoga Cards + Curriculum to bring out the fun of the beach, the strength and focus of yoga, and the calm of the sound of the ocean in our breath! 


Winter Sequence + Lesson Plan

  • 3 Lesson Plans

  • Yoga cards - sequence

Our Winter Yoga Cards + Curriculum is a great way to promote physical activity and encourage movement during the cold months.


Themed Lesson Plans


Roll the Dice Game

  • 3 Lesson Plans

  • Yoga cards - sequence

With a blend of yoga, breathing and fun, the Roll the Dice Yoga Game is an entertaining way to teach your students yoga and breathing and to test their memory.


Empowerment Sequence + Lesson Plans

  • 3 Lesson Plans

  • Yoga cards - sequence

Our Empowerment Yoga Cards + Curriculum can help students develop a positive self-image, feel empowered, and prepared to face each school day with confidence. 


We've included 10 Lesson Plans that help tween and teens learn the concepts of the yoga philosophy, the context for the Yamas and Niyamas in everyday life, and how to incorporate these values at school, in sports, and at home.

Yamas & Niyamas Lesson Unit

  • 10 Lesson Plans

  • For tweens/teens

  • Sun Salutation - poster


Spooky Halloween

  • Spooky Walk Yoga Game

  • Halloween activities and breathing exercises

  • Coloring pages

Get into the Halloween spirit with our Spooky Halloween Yoga Game + Activity packet. We’ve included our ‘Spooky Walk’ – a yoga game perfectly spooky and cooky for Halloween fun. Also included are yoga activities and coloring pages.


Literacy Integration Plans


Move and breathe through a childhood classic, The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood. Now accompanied by our beautiful illustrations, we can use this yoga sequence to promote a lifelong love of learning, reading, and healthy habits.

The Napping House

  • List of yoga poses, props and key themes that relate to the story

  • Story script to read along with The Napping House

  • Guided relaxation, meditation script, crafts, and group activities