Our Team

Lara Hocheiser

Founder and Program Director

Lara Hocheiser E-RTY, RCYT, B.A., has spent the last 15 years working in early education, and 12 of those years studying and living the path of yoga. Lara is the founder and program director of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, which is based in Boston and NYC. Flow and Grow offers children’s yoga classes, teacher trainings, and professional development workshops. Lara has been invited to speak at universities, schools, childcare centers, and yoga studios as the expert on yoga for early childhood. She manages a team of instructors, a busy yoga-teaching schedule working with schools, yoga studios, and private clients. Lara has come to understand yoga as an important tool in building a culture of wellness, empathy, and connectedness. She continues to share yoga through education directly to the child, and perhaps more pivotally, to the educator, clinician, and parent who plant the seeds for the children of the world to harvest. 

Nafeeza Hassan

Content Producer / Digital Designer

A lover of art, digital media and children's education, Nafeeza is an accomplished digital designer and producer. She worked at Sprout, a television network for preschoolers, developing games and content for younger audiences. From there, her love for children's media unfolded. With a focus on building digital engagement and branding, Nafeeza has helped a variety of brands ranging from children's mobile games to art companies, non-profits, small businesses and more. She takes pride in building meaningful experiences that all can enjoy, especially children. 

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading comics, playing video games and searching for the best craft beer. 


Dan Ragan

Director of Marketing

Dan is a marketing specialist with a track record of bringing startups to market quickly and effectively. Previously, he co-founded the world’s first Facebook live streaming agency, Applause.

Dan’s interest in mindfulness, interactive technology, & experiential design has also positioned him as an emerging producer in the NYC arts scene, founding the pop-up meditation series, Pause.

Sara Gottfried

Instructor & Teacher Trainer In-Training

A dedicated and enthusiastic yogi, Sara thrives in the ability to spread yoga and mindfulness in a variety of settings. Sara is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor, CPR/AED Certified, and Level I Balanced Athlete Trainer. Having worked with children in a variety of settings, Sara understands the many struggles that children face on a daily basis. Sara teaches with creativity, encouragement, and passion, ensuring that each child has a beneficial and unique experience. Sara creates smart children’s yoga classes, targeting the three types of learners- auditory, kinesthetic, and visual. She is constantly creating and tweaking yoga classes so that children can thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Stav Livne

Senior Teacher

Stav Livne, B.A., teaches Kids and Family Yoga, acting/movement, music, and Hebrew! As a practicing yogi and Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, she believes that teaching kids Yoga is an essential way to learn about mindfulness, breath, kindness, gratitude, patience, curiosity, sharing, reoccurring aches, and all feelings and emotions. Stav especially enjoys adding drama, music, and other colorful elements to the practice, for a well-rounded experience. 

Stav started teaching kids yoga when she saw how easy it was for children to feel stressed at school and at home. Previously a preschool, middle school, and special education teacher, and Off Broadway performer (2009-2016), Stav's own yoga journey gifted her with a nonjudgmental approach towards healing and living! Yoga is an impeccable way to improve our awareness of self and of others around us through grace and wonderment! It's ok to feel!

Jill Kennally

Senior Teacher

I was introduced to yoga in 2004 and fell in love with it.  After being laid off from a job I held for 8 years, I attended a lot of yoga classes while looking for a new job.  As I was making dinner one night, I realized I wasn't thinking about what I was making, but rather I was thinking about yoga and I realized then I wanted to teach yoga as my profession.  I told one of my teachers that I wanted to teach yoga and she asked if I had ever considered teaching yoga to children.  She thought I would make a good children’s yoga teacher.  Having worked at daycares when I was in high school and college, I thought that would be fun, so I took her training and became certified to teach yoga to children in 2011.  I have also completed a 200 hour and 500 hour teacher training for adult yoga and have been teaching adults since 2012.  In addition to Radiant Child Yoga, I have also completed trainings with My First Yoga and Next Generation Yoga and am a Reiki master.

I enjoy being creative in my children’s yoga class, creating fun and exciting yoga stories for my younger students.  For my teen yogis, I like to incorporate restorative poses and guided meditations to help them find relaxation in their busy lives.  When I teach adult yoga, I want to help my adult yogis to find peace and serenity in the flow between breath and movement, and complete relaxation in savasana.  

Lauren Copeland

Senior Teacher / Substitute

Lauren began her yoga journey after moving to the city of Boston in 2009.  In 2014 she completed her 200-hour YTT under the leadership of Roman Szpod and Lauren Star.  In the spring of that same year she was able to blend her love for yoga and working with children when she completed the kids yoga teacher training through “Flow and Grow Kid’s Yoga” led by the talented Lara Hocheiser.  In 2015, Lauren continued her education under the guidance of the very gifted Elizabeth Goranson and “Stretch What Matters”.  It was through this beautiful and informative training that she learned how to adapt yoga so that everyone can benefit; regardless of age, ability, challenges or special needs. Lauren’s trainings have inspired her to continue teaching to both adults and children in Boston and surrounding areas.

Lauren’s classes allow children the space they need as they begin to explore and awaken their bodies, minds and hearts through thematic lesson plans, stories, props, music, games and yoga poses. She strives to provide the appropriate tools to help children lead a more confident, positive, calm and compassionate lifestyle by way of yoga. 

Kathy Heimburder


Kathy took her first yoga class in 2009 and was immediately hooked on the feeling of balance in both mind and body.  The more she continued to practice and learn, the more she wanted to share it with everyone. After moving to NYC in 2013 she had the privilege of studying at Yogaworks for both her 200hr and 300hr certifications. Kathy then looked to combine her work experience within the educational system and love of children by completing her children's yoga certification with Yogi Beans.  She currently teaches adult and children classes in Staten Island.  She especially loves working with the children's creative imaginations and energy through stories and songs as they explore moving and breathing. 

Natalie Lang

Senior Teacher

Natalie has been working with children in different capacities for the past 27 years.

She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been treating children and families for the past 18 years in outpatient clinics as as well as in therapeutic and public school settings.  In seeing a significant rise in anxiety and stress related concerns in these settings, Natalie has sought out training in yoga and mindfulness to complement her practice.  She has found that mindfulness and yoga lend themselves beautifully to helping kids learn effective skills to not only reduce and anxiety and stress, but to increase their abilities to focus, remain centered and process emotional stimuli.  Natalie attended the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teacher training this Winter and has come on as a perfect compliment to children who need to learn relaxation, focus, and stress reduction.

Paula Demeo


Certified children's and adult yoga teacher, Paula has been in the field of education for her entire 30 year career. Within the last 3 years she has earned her 200 Hour YT Certification at Kripalu, is a 300 hour YogaKids children’s yoga teacher, and is Reiki I certified. Paula is EEC certified to teach preschool in Massachusetts, as well as CPR and First Aid trained.  She continues to work with children at the the birches school in Lincoln where she teachers manages and directs the after school program with school aged children. Her energetic personality, sense of humor, kind heart, empathic nature, and positive outlook combined with excellent understanding of child development and behavior management benefits her as she teaches yoga to her students. She is excited to share her love of yoga and early childhood education with your children.

Yeradmi Gomes

Senior Teacher

“My path to becoming a yogi began in December 2008 as I was preparing to live in Thailand for what became a life changing experience. For me, yoga is a powerful vehicle for change and healing, it helps bring awareness to what needs the most attention on any given day. My intention is to share the simplicity and power of returning to the present moment through mindful breathing. I wish I had been introduced to yoga as a child but because I wasn’t, I feel the need and responsibility to share this practice with children so that they can learn to cultivate these valuable tools as of now.” Yeradmi completed the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Training and is our Spanish language yoga specialist.


Adrienne Mandigo

Adrienne Mandigo is so excited to join the Flow and Grow family. With 12 years of academic teaching experience, she is ready to combine her love of teaching children with her love of yoga.  She has been practicing yoga for about 5 years and it has been such an incredible journey on and off the mat. With breath work to calm the mind and strengthening to empower the body, yoga came into her life exactly when she needed it most.

She most enjoys sharing a practice with children that is fun, creative, individualized, and leaves the young yogi with a strong body and even stronger sense of self. When she is not teaching, she enjoys walking her dogs while holding her husband's hand, playing with her many nieces and nephews, and reading a good book in the shade on a warm day.

Emily Bider

Senior Teacher

An accomplished artist, yogi, and educator, Emily has over a decade of experience sharing art, yoga and mindfulness with both children and adults. Her warm, intuitive nature combined with a contagious passion for her craft consistently energize, inspire and challenge her students. Astute at recognizing other’s unique needs, strengths and gifts, Emily creates a rich, dynamic learning environment to match the diversity at hand. 

With a focus on process, play and exploration, Emily compassionately holds space for students to ground in their body, calm their mind and create renewed space within themselves. This formula sparks empowerment, creativity, growth, wonder, fulfillment, peace and joy. 

Emily believes that the ancient science of yoga offers an arena to practice kindness, compassion, empathy and acceptance towards the self and others. She holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Art. Emily is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.