School Assemblies

Does your student body need inspiration, tools for positive decision making, and to get up and move? Are your students tired in the morning, getting too little sleep, and having trouble balancing school, family, and extra curricular with self care?

Our assemblies will get your student body breathing, moving, and learning about how to care for themselves. Each presentation has a yoga experience, so room room to move and comfortable clothing are encouraged.

Our school assemblies are an affordable way to help your entire student improve their relationship with self-care, mornings, and bedtime. With a well rested student body arriving with full energy, you are bound to see positive results.

Each workshop comes with a professional powerpoint and each student will receive a handout that includes:

We also make assemblies that cater to your school's interests and needs. Please let us know how we can create your ideal experience.



Healthy Bedtime Habits

Learn about how much sleep students need, how to prepare the environment, mind, and body for a healthy night's rest. This workshops has a relaxing yoga sequence with calming mantras all designed to help students relax in their bodies and minds, put their devices down, and get a good night's sleep. This workshop handout comes with our signature Bedtime Yoga Sequence, Daily Practice Journals and activities to promote calming nights.


Self-Care a Balancing Act

Students are presented the basics of mindfulness, safe technology use, and healthy eating. They are asked to think about how they spend their time and where they can make time for self-care, relaxation, and time to just be. This workshop handout comes with our Empowerment Yoga Sequence, Daily Practice Journals to build lifelong healthy habits, breathing activities, lots of information on mindfulness, healthy eating, and technology use.


Energizing Morning

This workshop will help students identify key factors that can help them gain attention, energy, focus, and positive mindsets for their day. Working on positive thinking, gratitude, and starting off each day on a gentle note, this workshop covers a basic gratitude meditation, an illustrated teen and child-safe Sun Salutation which is a 10 pose sequence, Daily Practice Journals to build lifelong healthy habits, and a resource list.


Pricing: $475 for one, $800 for two, $1200 for three.

  • Travel costs may be associated.

  • Large group student workshops/assemblies can be done is little as 35 minutes and can last up to 75 minutes.

  • Can be done in auditoriums, gyms, large classrooms, or regular classrooms.

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