Mindful Beginnings

Supporting families and early childhood professionals– pregnancy through preschool with yoga, mindfulness, and postural techniques

Do you ever compare yourself to other parents?
Do you ever look at other children and wonder if your child is developing “right?” 
Do you stress about how to raise your children in this busy, overstimulating world?
Do you love the way you feel doing yoga and hope to share that with the children in your life?

Then this is the training for you!

Join Flow and Grow Kids Yoga for an immersion into Mindful Beginnings. This program is ideal for parents, parents-to-be, grandparents, daycare/preschool teachers, nannies, OTs/PTs/SLPs, clinicians, anyone that supports new families, yoga teachers, children’s yoga teachers wanting to add Family; Mommy & Me; or Infant, Toddler & Preschool to their teaching, as well as prenatal and postnatal teachers wanting to make class more family friendly. We will help you focus on your own family, break the trends of comparing and coveting, and help you embrace the life you are in right now. While learning to share mindful moments with your littlest yogis, you will spend a weekend with like-minded parents and educators that CARE about our next generation.

Those interested in mindfulness as a way of life are taught to create mindfulness and lifelong healthy habits in order to stimulate, empower, calm and strengthen our next generation, pregnancy through preschool. 

In this training, we will learn:

  • Yoga Philosophy: a foundation for how to THINK about parenting and teaching, and how to relate to young children
  • Mindfulness: learn how to seamlessly incorporate mindfulness into your life – illustrated, explained, experienced, reflected on, and connected to by YOU
  • Postural Holds: how to hold babies and toddlers so they get appropriate input (stimulus) while saving your back, wrists, and hands
  • Child Development: womb through age 5
  • Guided Relaxation: meditation, and cozy time activities
We are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Partner

We are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Partner

You will receive: 

  • Fully illustrated, fully experiential, with instructions, applications, and ways to connect to your OWN life.
  • A sample of poses and contraindications for doing yoga pregnant (great for partners or moms-to-be)
  • A sample of poses and contraindications for postnatal yoga (great for partners and new moms)
  • Yoga sequencing for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers include yoga pose cards and instructions in the beautifully formatted manual
  • Worth 12 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed credits 

*Pre-requisites:  We recommend completing other yoga and children’s yoga trainings if you plan to do this as your job, but none are required to attend.


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