Mindfulness Workshop Series for Educators

Through the practice of mindfulness, you will learn important meditation techniques to increase your ability to stay mindful in each moment of life. Our workshop series will help you gain increased awareness and a sense of how to cope with stress, as well as teach you how to cultivate social emotional awakening. Each session introduces a combination of learning objectives that help guide mindful meditation and gentle movement alongside personalized instruction.

We work with you to create the ideal workshop series for your team. Our workshop series range from 4-24 weeks, and are individually crafted for your team. This series is perfect for teachers and educators looking to develop tangible skills to reduce stress, increase energy and awareness, and expand their relationship with the world around them. Together, we can gain the ability to stay level emotionally and to be present in the moment.

During this workshop, educators will acquire tangible skills to help them:  

  • Be present in each moment through mindful meditation and awareness building
  • Cultivate life skills for positivity, happiness and kindness
  • Reduce stressors in life and increase energy
  • Increase the ability to relax in the present moment
  • Deepen their relationship with the body, mind, and wider world around us

Workshops range from 4-24 weeks
Starting at $120/hour

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