Autumn Sequence Yoga Cards
Autumn Sequence Yoga Cards

Autumn Sequence Yoga Cards

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For many, the passage into Autumn means a shift from Summer to the academic year. That passage is marked by changes of season. Long days and short nights turn to shorter days and longer nights. Summer days may have been filled with recreation, camp, family, and travel. Now schools days are filled with academics, homework, extracurricular activities, and busy schedules.

With all the changes, some students and families experience anxiety, stress, and difficulty balancing all they need to do. The yoga sequence we are offering will help yoga practitioners of all ages to feel a deeper sense of balance within. 

A favorite pose for younger yogis, try out the Falling Leaf pose and embody joyful allowing and being at peace.

Also included are other yoga pose classics such as downward dog, tree, airplane, and mountain pose.

Embrace the new season and enjoy all it brings you with the children you love and the yoga you share.

Yoga Cards made for children

Learn five (5) yoga poses with our Autumn Sequence Cards. Written for kids, each card comes with easy-to-follow illustrations and step-by-step instructions. This Autumn yoga deck is the perfect way to de-stress and share yoga and mindfulness with children!


  • Printable yoga deck to learn five (5) yoga poses
  • How-to instruction for each yoga pose, written for children
  • Printable journal to reflect on your practice

Perfect for practicing anywhere! Use this deck at home, school, park, or when traveling!

Our digital products are perfect for viewing on your phone, tablet or SmartBoard! Help reduce our carbon footprint by mindfully choosing what to print. Try printing on card stock and laminate so they last for many future uses by big and little hands.