Self-Care for Children

Self-Care for Children

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2-week course (May 5-May 12)

Every Tuesday, 5:00pm-8:00pm | May 6, May 13

This is an online course, part of Flow and Grow 95-Hour Online Children's Yoga Teacher Training RCYT. 

Trainees may wish to take this course individually or as part of the entire training package.

Self-Care for Children

Teaching children to care for themselves is one of the cornerstones of children's yoga.

We must imagine a time when we teachers are no longer there for them, but our teachings can remain. Whether due to changes of age, moving to a new area, or lack of funding, you will not always be there to help care for and check in on your kiddos.

Self-care or a lack thereof impacts all areas of a child’s life. From academia to getting along with family and friends, to creating and maintaining a positive self-image, self-care is critical. A lack of self-care results in strained relationships, negative behavior outcomes, slipping academic performance, and a lack of self-love.

That is why we must teach self-care.


Self-care is made up of:

  • self-awareness
  • practices
  • journaling/tracking (optional, but effective)
  • caring for relationships
  • managing schedules
  • relationships with technology

Let's do a deep dive into each of the above topics to learn practical, everyday self-care we can share with the children in our lives.  

Through this class, we will look at different areas of self-care and how we can make the most of it with our busy schedules. We will explore areas such as:

  1. Meditation
  2. Sleep
  3. Movement
  4. Breath
  5. Pro-social activities
  6. Time Management
  7. Daily routines

By developing a self-care routine, both adults and children will:

  • Increase awareness (and connection to) our bodies
  • Develop love and gratitude for yourself and your body
  • Form a healthy relationship with ourselves
  • Improve time and stress management
  • Increase confidence in yourself
  • Lead a healthier lifestyle

This training is perfect for educators, yoga teachers, counselors, therapists, parents, or anyone who works with children. 

What you get:

You get "My Body" Lesson Plan, which comes with a teacher manual, pose index, and student workbook, a $60 value for free!

Our vision

Because teaching children’s yoga is much more than yoga poses, we see this course as a pathway to mature as an educator, parent, instructor, counselor, or whatever role you hold or plan to hold. Go beyond the poses by incorporating mindfulness, self-reflection and self-inquiry, art, meditation, positive self-talk, relaxation, student-lead programming, and more.


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