On Teacher Trainings

It's a rare opportunity to come into contact with someone like Lara. Her great respect for yoga, for her students of all ages, and her passion for teaching, is unmatched. Because of her early childhood background and deep knowledge of yoga, her presence alone if calming, yet upbeat and engaging when the time is right. Lara is extremely aware of the mind-body connection, and has a natural ability to translate this concept to even the youngest of yogis.

Lara is one of the most passionate and dedicated kids yoga instructors I've met in the 8 years that I've owned My First Yoga. Teaching yoga in a school setting requires a unique collaboration between school directors, classroom teachers and students. Without hesitation Lara confidently forms strong, long-lasting relationships to build the necessary trust and mutual understanding teaching school yoga requires. She is also able to mentor new teachers, help them find their voice and guide them towards forming these same strong connections with students, teachers and staff.

As Lara's manager for the last few years I have always been impressed by, and appreciative of, her impeccable attendance; but even more importantly her strong communication skills. She is always willing to spend time brainstorming, problem solving and working though situations that arise. Her communication style is the perfect balance between clear and direct, yet open and willing to compromise. It is my distinct honor to recommend Lara Hocheiser as an amazing kids yoga instructor and absolute pleasure to work with.


I took the Flow and Grow Yoga teacher training earlier this year. I was impressed with Lara's knowledge and passion for Yoga. I have recommended Lara to family and friends for private yoga classes (for both adults and children). As part of the training, I was able to participate in one of Laura's classes. Her young students seemed to love the class, learn from is and seemed eager to return! I frequently use specific teaching tools that I learned from Lara within my practice as a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist.


Lara was one of the first teachers I had at the studio that transformed into my home base while living in Boston, and was a major influential factor in my decision to become a yoga teacher. Her style was unique amongst the other great teachers at the power studio, and kept me coming back for more. For two years I regularly attended her slow flow classes, watching her grow as a teacher while I grew as a student. Her narrative was always profound: full of knowledge from Patanjali's sutras and the eight limbed path interweaved with personal stories which made modern comparisons that resonated deeply. She challenges her students both physically and mentally, adding sense of adventure and playfulness, creating space for growth however one chose to use it or simply left one relieved of their stress for the night.

I also had the pleasure of completing a Kids Yoga certification under Lara's guidance through her personal business 'Flow and Grow Kids Yoga'. Witnessing Lara work with children using practices to develop awareness, focus, strength, listening skills, and provide them with a stronger vocabulary to express themselves is something in itself. With her work she enriches and empowers the lives of children as well as the teachers and parents that work with them regularly; hosting workshops to teach adults how to speak to and work with kids in a way that does not belittle their needs. 

Simply put, Lara is amazing. Her presence is intense and purposeful, she truly lives and loves her life on this path, and I have been significantly positively impacted since knowing her. 

She is held in the most high regard by myself and many who know her, I would absolutely recommend her for private instruction, studio classes, as well as to friends and family with children in need of some clear direction and a way to safely burn their energy. 


Lara was my first ever yoga teacher and I feel so grateful that she introduced me to this practive. I met her at a tme when I was physically injured and afraid to do yoga. But her attention to my individual needs as a student, even in a group setting, is what gave me the confidence to start. 



On Kids Yoga Teaching

We wanted to do some type of activity as a family.  My wife and I have been practicing yoga for many years (but not consistently at all).  We thought having our five and eight year old daughters practice yoga would be a good activity because they could take it with them for the rest of their life, it would teach them focus and a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.  When we looked for places where I could take my eight year old the choices were limited, and we needed someone who really understood children.  When we found Flow and Grow Kids it was a perfect fit.  They were able to get both of our daughters engaged and it has been a great experience.  They are able to include our five year old (not an easy feat) and it has been a great family experience where the four of us are able to connect and have fun.


Lara has been a wonderful asset to our school. Her patience, love, and care set great examples for both my staff and the children she taught. Lara has always displayed great knowledge of child development and was continuously thinking about individual needs and how to get the most out of our kids.

DINA E. |  School Director

Lara is an incredible teacher, I moved heaven and earth to get into her classes! She offers the perfect combination of compassion, support and humor and she challenged and inspired all of us. It was a tremendous pleasure to work with her and she blesses everyone she comes into contact with. 


Lara is a vibrant, expressive and warm yoga teacher. She is cheerful and fun to take a class with. I have enjoyed learning from her. Additionally, my daughter (aged 17) also loves Lara's classes too!


Every class with her feels so fresh, original, and alive. She balances the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yoga with such grace. She deeply cares about the wellbeing of her students in a way I have yet to find in other yoga teachers.  

I've also had to opportunity to watch her teach a kids yoga class, which helped give me some perspective on why she is so caring to her adult students. She sees and supports the child in everyone.

I would suggest her to any one of any age who wants yoga that is equal parts mindful/spiritual exploration, and physical workout. She's the best!!!!!!!



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