Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teaches yoga and mindfulness to children, educators, parents, and clinicians.  By educating our youth, and the important adults in their lives, we can create a beautiful world of strong, mindful, balanced individuals and leaders. 


At Flow and Grow Kids Yoga we are moved to share yoga with children. We plant the seeds of yoga: love, peace, joy of movement, self-regulation, positive thinking, relaxation, kindness, harmony, flexibility of body and mind, resilience, focus, and breathing. We teach children to access yoga in the classroom and more significantly, when they are off in the great big world. 

Our mission: A beautiful world where all the people pause to take a deep breath, becoming more empathetic and loving, sharing their gifts, flowing and growing.

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Kids Yoga Workbooks

Introducing My Yoga Workbook, a workbook series for kids to develop their own yoga and wellness practice. Each workbook comes with yoga cards, activities and a journal to empower children with the power of yoga and mindfulness! 

Upcoming Events

Yoga Programming

We at Flow and Grow Kids Yoga are educators. We offer yoga instruction in your home or in your school. We help find joy in movement, balance, and deep peace with relaxation and breathing.

Professional Workshops

Our workshops infuse yoga tools with social emotional learning, stress management and relaxation. We offer a range of workshops tailored to your needs.

Teacher Training

Ideal for child educators, parents, yoga teachers, caretakers and clinicians with a yoga practice. We teach you to teach yoga to children.