Balanced Breathing Exercise

  1. Sit up comfortably, tall spine, relax your shoulders. Open your palms in your lap. You may sit on the floor or in a chair. 

  2. Keep your left hand opened and close the right. Imagine that you can breathe in through the left side nostril, filling your left side of your body – from your toes to the crown of your head. Try visualizing the breaths as a beautiful white light, as water, or as a color. Choose any visual that is pleasing to you. Breathe into the left side until it feels full. Then, close the left hand and open the right.

  3. Breathe out and imagine the breath coming out the right nostril, emptying your right side body of breath. Imagine your breath coming out from your crown down the right side and out of your fingers. Breathe into your right side now and once full to the crown, close the right hand and open the left. Breathe out the left.

  4. Repeat several times. When you are feeling complete, perhaps after 10 rounds, open both palms and release the breath and visual through both sides. Notice how the experience makes you feel.

Good Times 

  • Body or mind chaotic or disorganized

  • Attention is elsewhere

  • Transitions

Helps to:

  • To balance right and left hemispheres of the brain (bilateral integration)

  • To restore calm

  • To energize

  • To gain attention

  • To draw attention inward

TIP! Read the instructions and talk the kids through with detail for the first 3-5 breaths, then simply say, “open right, inhale right, fill up right. Close right. Open left, exhale left, empty left.” Or simplify the language in your own way.

If possible, choose a quiet, calm environment.