Hand Washing Meditation

  1. Mindfully walk to the sink: use your senses to feel your feet on the floor, your eyes to see the surroundings, your ears to hear your steps.

  2. Say to yourself, “I am going to clean my hands.”

  3. Pay attention as you turn on the water. Notice the sound of the water as it flows. Wet your hands. What does it feel like? 

  4. Pump the soap into your hands. Notice the sensation of the soap on your hands.

  5. As you work your hands into a lather, stay engaged fully in this activity. Notice your breath as you continue to wash your palms, tops of hands, fingernails, wrists.

  6. When you are done, say to yourself, “My hands are clean.”

  7. Mindfully shut off the water. Dry your hands. 


3 Step Meditation

Let’s start off with a three step meditation. Meditation is a practice that can help us achieve a mentally and emotionally clear state which can relax and bring peace.

  1. Ring a chime and listen to the entirety of the sound.

  2. Tune into your breathing.

  3. Practice a body scan from the head down. Here, notice sensations but avoid labeling pain or discomfort and instead notice pulsation, temperature, rhythms and other neutral sensations.