Mindful Listening

  1. Divide students or staff into pairs. 

  2. Once in pairs, have them sit comfortably, at a close distance so they can see each other’s faces clearly. 

  3. Designate one person as the first to listen and the other as the first to speak (roles will be reversed next)

  4. Ask that the listener sit quietly with little facial expression. 

  5. Facilitate a question for the first speaker to answer. 

  6. After a designated amount of time has passed, ring a bell to stop.

  7. Have everyone take a breath and thank their partner before switching roles

  8. Repeat the same question to the next speaker

Good Times 

  • After an argument

  • As a weekly experience

  • At staff meetings

Helps to:

  • Increase empathy

  • Improve listening

  • Build understanding

  • Foster patience

  • Create friendship and commonality

TIP! Remind students not to respond to the first speaker, but to speak only to their own experience

Questions can start by helping children feel comfortable such as, “what are you good at?” or “what do you enjoy doing in your free time?”

  • The subsequent questions can be a way to go deeper into the first question

  • Use questions that may help participants to explore their sense of self

  • Use questions that may result in finding that people have a lot in common