Net of Seeing

  1. Take a deep breath to calm and prepare your mind and body. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable.

  2. Think about a place that helps you to feel calm and relaxed. This could be somewhere in nature, like a beach, a meadow, or the woods. It could be a favorite vacation spot, somewhere in your community, or even somewhere in your house. Think about a place that makes you feel content.

  3. Imagine that you are there now. Take a deep breath and settle into this relaxing place.

  4. What do you see there? How does it look? Notice the colors, textures, objects around you in this place.

  5. What do you hear there? How does it sound? Do you hear people? Animals? What else?

  6. What smells do you notice? Take a deep breath and notice the different scents around you.

  7. How does it feel to be there? Is it warm? Cool? 

  8. Take a few more minutes in this relaxing place. Continue to breathe deeply and use your senses to enjoy this place.

  9. Return your focus to your breath. Then bring your focus back to the room. Open your eyes gently.

Good Times 

  • When you have a strong feeling

  • When you are feeling out of control

Helps to:

  • Restore a sense of safety

  • Restore calm

  • Manage your body and feelings