Take 5 Breathing

  1. Spread your hand and stretch your fingers out like a star.

  2. Pretend the pointer finger of your other hand is a pencil. Imagine you are going to trace the outline of your outstretched hand.

  3. You will connect movement with breath. As you breathe in, you will trace up from the bottom of your finger to your fingertip. As you breathe out, you will trace back down from your fingertip.

  4. Place your pointer finger at the bottom of your thumb, and breathe in as you slide up. Breathe out as you slide down. Breathe in as you slide up your second finger, and breathe out as you slide down. Keep going until you have finished tracing your fingers and you have taken five slow breaths.

  5. Check in with your body. Repeat on the other hand if needed.

Good Times 

  • When you are managing a strong feeling (nervous, frustrated, angry, etc.)

  • When you need to slow down

Helps to:

  • Settle the mind and body

  • Restore a sense of calmness

  • Slow down

TIP! The outstretched hand can be raised at eye level, placed on the desk/table, or placed on the thigh, depending on student’s level of comfort.