Yoga in Home

Let's work toward your personal goals! Lara or her staff will come to your residence to meet your needs. Whether you need peace, inner strength, family bonding, or any number of personal development goals, the instructors will ask you the right questions to help you achieve your goals. You will do the work and we will support you through all of it. Before starting, we make sure to understand your needs and goals so we can create a plan to help you achieve them.  This is personalized instruction at its best.

Communication and understanding bridges learning and growth. <3

What can I expect from a Yoga in Home with Flow and Grow Kids Yoga?

While every class is uniquely designed for your needs, we will always practice breath, movement, and relaxation techniques. We'll also practice using our senses and slowing down. We work with you to create a tailored class that provides the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of yoga. Flow and Grow Kids Yoga comes to you with all of the necessary props and tools to support your families' needs. Younger children will learn mind-body awareness, self-confidence, patience and focus.

Who can join?

Anyone! Parents, siblings, other children, or solo! We can make a class that suits your particular needs. Maybe your whole family wants a weekly class, and you want your child to have one-on-on coaching, too. Maybe your neighborhood has a group of children interested in starting a yoga class. We will make it work! With good communication, we can set up the right size class on your schedule.

Can my child with special needs join?

Of course! Children who need adaptations can be accommodated. We want to understand the support your child requires so we can offer the safest, most inclusive yoga and wellness programming possible. Please reach out to help us learn more about your child. We have several mental health specialists and special needs trained instructors on our team who would be a great fit.

Available for individuals, couples, families, prenatal, or just children

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We wanted to do some type of activity as a family. We thought having our five and eight year old daughters practice yoga would be a good activity because they could take it with them for the rest of their life, it would teach them focus and a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. When we looked for places where I could take my eight year old the choices were limited, and we needed someone who really understood children. When we found Flow and Grow Kids it was a perfect fit. They were able to get both of our daughters engaged and it has been a great experience. They are able to include our five year old (not an easy feat) and it has been a great family experience where the four of us are able to connect and have fun.”
— Nick S.