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Program History

The Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Difference

Our program was born out of a need for children's programming that promotes wellbeing, attention, stress reduction, while deemphasizing competition.

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga is an answer to that call for more balance in the highly structured lives of children. Research has shown that yoga in schools results in relaxation, less stress, and increased energy and attention in students.

We serve both private and public schools, yoga studios, daycares, preschools, and before and after school programs of children from ages 3 months to 18 years of age. We hire educators and clinicians with experience in child development, behavior management, and children's programming with a focus on mindfulness and yoga practices . The personnel we hire make all the difference. We have been around since 2012 and are continuing to serve new communities every day. We are actively seeking to add new schools to our community. Contact us today.

Locations Served

We are currently serving: Boston, Greater Boston, and Massachusetts Metro West, Norfolk County, MA, NYC, Queens, and now Brooklyn, New York, with our home base in Crown Heights.

Program Offerings

Mat Based Yoga (30-90 minute classes) The most popular program we offer would bring yoga classes to your school. Schools must provide and store mats.

Mat Based Yoga

(30-90 minute classes)

Our most popular program brings yoga classes to your school. Schools must provide and store mats. Instructors use appropriate curriculums for the relevant age group. Classes are available before, during and after school.


Desk Based Yoga (15-60 minutes)

No need to store mats, move furniture, or add extra transitions to the day. Perfect solution for schools that believe in movement and mindfulness but cannot afford to give up precious time or space. This is a teacher favorite. No mats needed.


Yoga in Daycare or Preschool (15-45 minutes classes per room)

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers LOVE yoga. Our instructors will add value to your program for prospective parents while it adds fun and peace to the day of your precious little ones. No mats needed.


Half-Day Summer Camp (NEW!) (2-4 hours)

If your school is having a holiday, or is looking to bring in summer or vacation week programming, we can accommodate you. Our half-day summer camps provide a fun, creative, and enriching experience through yoga and mindfulness. 


Add-on to Extracurricular Activites (NEW!) (15-60 minutes)

This option is for schools that have students involved in sports and other activities. These students often can not fit in another commitment but still seek the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Our instructors can begin or end sports practices or other activities with brief yoga classes. One instructor can serve several clubs in one afternoon. Mats optional. Schools provide and store mats.


Yoga and Wellness for Staff

Reward your staff with a special self care class. We can custom tailor the class to provide stress relief, instruction on breathing, relaxation techniques, or physical fitness. School must provide mats or desks.


Yoga as a Special Event

Is your school planning a field day or wellness fair? We would love to meet the needs of your special day. Our instructors can work with you to tailor a special yoga and mindfulness event for your school! (*Rates are higher for one time events)

Benefits of Yoga

  • Mindfulness
  • Increased Self and Social Awareness
  • Movement
  • Discipline
  • Breath
  • Focus
  • Social Emotional Learning

Program Structure

We believe that each instructor has unique gifts that we match with your school based on the age of students and type of program requested. We do not use a curriculum, but a looser structure to make space for what arises in the classroom and each instructors’ personal gifts.

  • Connecting to the self, others, community through SEL (social emotional learning)
  • Mindfulness activities to increase attention
  • Breathing
  • Movement and yoga poses
  • Relaxation


Sliding scale between $70 and $100 an hour per instructor with a one hour minimum per visit with a minimum of 8 week commitment.

Special events and one time sessions start at $110, and may include additional travel fees.


Lara Hocheiser


“Our afterschool program has been working with Flow and Grow Yoga for several years now. Ms. Stephanie currently visits us once a week, providing classes to our students in pre-school through third grade. Stephanie brings warmth and energy to every class, and our students have benefited greatly from the program. Even our youngest students remain relaxed and focused throughout their practice. Many of our afterschool teachers also participate in the class, allowing them to connect with our students in a new, dynamic way.”
— Maria

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