Student Programming

Classes are supported by the curriculum, teaching methodology, and illustrations that we have developed with the challenges, interests, and needs of children in mind. The characters are illustrated in a wide range of ethnicities and body types, so children can see themselves doing this work. All schools receive this material support when they sign up with our programming.

“Our afterschool program has been working with Flow and Grow Yoga for several years now. Ms. Stephanie currently visits us once a week, providing classes to our students in pre-school through third grade. Stephanie brings warmth and energy to every class, and our students have benefited greatly from the program. Even our youngest students remain relaxed and focused throughout their practice. Many of our afterschool teachers also participate in the class, allowing them to connect with our students in a new, dynamic way.”
— Maria



Chair Yoga (K-12)

Chair yoga is a sustainable option for schools that believe in movement and mindfulness, but can’t afford to give up precious time, space, or resources for equipment. Administrators favor this option because it inserts easily into existing class schedules and can serve many students in one day. 

Pricing: Starting at $82/hour

Mat Based Yoga   (30-90 minute classes)  The most popular program we offer would bring yoga classes to your school. Schools must provide and store mats.

Mat Based Yoga (K-12)

Our most popular program brings yoga classes right into the classroom. Instructors teach using a blend of yoga, mindfulness, story telling, music while instilling positive values such as self care and community.  School is responsible for purchase and storage of mat.

Pricing: Starting at $82/hour (schools must provide and store mats)


Daycare or Preschool Yoga (Infants, Toddlers, Preschool)

Our early childhood yoga specialists know how to make yoga feel like a mix of gym class, circle time, music class, and story hour. They use puppets, songs, social emotional learning, and other age appropriate tools to help children learn the poses and breathing. Class can take place on the rug and is best when supported by the classroom staff. Every class ends with relaxation. The children really look forward to our visits and parents and teacher report that the kids are using yoga even when the instructor is not present. They can use yoga to manage the strong emotions that all small children experience. 

During school day


Gym class

We can bring yoga to you school as a substitute for gym class or as a program to support your athletic programs. We can make the classes more physically active or relaxing depending on the goals of the program. It is a fun, safe, noncompetitive way to get all kinds of bodies moving. 


Assemblies / Special Events

Does your school offer a Wellness Week or a Get Moving Week? Our teachers have partnered with numerous schools to deliver custom programming for all types of special events. Large groups can be served at an all-school assembly.

Topics include: 

  • Healthy Bedtime Habits for the development of a healthy night's rest.
  • Self-Care a Balancing Act for mindfulness, safe technology use, and healthy eating
  • Energizing Morning to gain attention, energy, and focus

After School 


Sports Teams

We can add yoga to one practice per week with as little as 30 minutes per visit. Our instructor can visit several teams in one afternoon so the program has high impact. Or teams can have a special yoga class before big games. Let us know how often and where your team in practicing, and we will create a practical yoga class to ensure your athletes are focused, calm, and energized. 


Benefits of Yoga + Mindfulness for student athletes

  • Increased focus
  • Healthy range of motion
  • Strengthen body
  • Increased flexibility
  • Non-competitive exercise

After School

We designed our after school program to mobilize students after a long day of sitting, reconnect with themselves, and transition into evening family time relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired. We provide educators with customized training, curriculum, and materials that caters to each kind of program, whether it’s a study group held in the classroom or a gymnasium-based program.  

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