Autumn Sequence Printable Yoga Cards + Lesson Plans


Autumn Sequence Printable Yoga Cards + Lesson Plans


For many, the passage into Autumn means a major shift from Summer to the academic year. That passage is marked by changes of season. Autumn is a beautiful time to experience the world as it shifts from one phase to another. Long days and short nights turn to shorter days and longer nights. Summer days may have been filled with recreation, camp, family, and travel. Now schools days are filled with academics, homework, extracurricular activities, busy schedules, and less free time.

With all the changes, some students and families experience anxiety, stress, and difficulty balancing all they need to do. The yoga sequence we are offering will help yoga practitioners of all ages to feel a deeper sense of balance within. 

The Autumn Sequence is a 23-page PDF download which you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print out onto paper. We recommend cutting out each card and taping/gluing on a 4x6 index card or card stock. For added durability, laminate each card. 

  • Designed for kids of all ages

  • Includes printable yoga deck

  • Learn five (5) yoga poses

  • Three (3) age-group curriculum to educate yogis

  • Includes additional yoga activity instructions

  • Autumn story incorporating the five (5) Autumn poses in this sequence (long and short versions) for literacy integration

  • Printable journal to reflect on your practice

Perfect for practicing anywhere! Use this deck at home, school, park, or when traveling!

Made for educators

Includes three (3) specially designed yoga lesson plans that can be taught to kids ages 2-7, 7-11 and 11-14. 

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