Yoga Activities for the Holidays

The holiday season can be busy and eventful. Take the time to slow down with your kids by learning new poses and getting into the spirit with a fun holiday craft. By taking the time to slow down we can relax and breathe.

Gingerbread Person Tree Pose


Dress up and decorate your very own gingerbread person in Tree Pose. Tree Pose is great for balancing and improving concentration. Stability comes from tightening and lengthening the core. Invite your child to learn and practice Tree Pose (click here for more info on this pose).



  1. Print out our Gingerbread person printable coloring page.

  2. Color and decorate your gingerbread person and dress-up accessories.

  3. Using scissors, cut out the gingerbread person and dress-up accessories.

  4. Use glue or tape to dress up your gingerbread person!

  5. Optional: Use glue or tape to attach the string to the back of your gingerbread person. Hang it up around your house!

Additional Activity

Draw How You Feel

  1. Invite your child to think how they are feeling right now. Happy, sad, excited, angry, loving or scared – or if you are feeling a different way. However you are feeling is okay.

  2. Draw that expression on your gingerbread person.

  3. Reflect on your drawing. Now, how do you feel?

Snow-ga Holiday Sequence


Warm up this winter by planning a quiet morning yoga session. Try out our snow-ga holiday sequence. Here are four yoga poses to bring you instant calm during the holidays. Poses can be done individually by holding each pose for 10-15 seconds or together as a short sequence. 

Download our Snow-ga Holiday Sequence poster.

  1. Tree Pose

  2. Star Pose

  3. Sleeping Mouse Pose

  4. Chair Pose (*for an alternate way of doing Chair Pose, imagine you are skiing in the pose and move your arms side to side as if you are using poles)

Perfect Gift for the Holiday Season

Are you looking for the perfect gift for little yogis? My Yoga Workbook: A Winter Yoga Journey is a perfect gift. Learn poses. Relax by coloring mandalas and winter scenes. Read a calming yoga story and practice our breathing exercises. 

Bring the power of mindfulness to kids this winter season. Inside this book, you will find:

  • Yoga cards you can cut out and take on the go

  • Story time – a beautiful winter yoga story

  • Activities that promote mindfulness and focus

  • Guided breathing and relaxation exercises

  • Mini-journal for children to write and draw