Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

Regular exposure to yoga and mindfulness practices improves lives.

Both students and teachers experience increased compassion, the ability to regain focus, and can have more curiosity and less judgment about life experiences.

Help the kids you love and help yourself by adopting our yoga curriculum which includes positive affirmations, breathing exercises, attentional and mindfulness activities, meditations, and yoga sequences that are safe and fun

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  • Improve self-esteem and body awareness
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Improve decision-making and relationships
  • Manage difficult emotions better

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Inclusive Illustrations

When children see diversity of skin tone, body type, and gender in our images, they see themselves included. Children see themselves as natural yogis so that yoga poses, breathing, strength, and mindfulness become accessible to all children.

Substantive Lesson Plans

Our substantive lesson units are simply yoga classes. They offer children a framework for thinking and activities allow kids to create a routine. Our yoga philosophy is written for kids in a secular and modern way is appropriate to teach in schools or anywhere!

Fun for Everyone

We believe in learning through play! Whether you are 2 or 22, you will gain something from our cards, games, books, and lesson units. Our resources grow with children as they mature and their yoga practices deepen. We can develop our practice with love, fun and kindness.

Lesson Plans for Educators, Parents, and anyone who loves kids!

Our lesson plans make it easy to teach an entire yoga class, or you can use the activities as brain breaks, transition activities, or whenever you need a mindful moment! Each lesson plan includes discussion prompts, group activities, yoga movement, guided relaxations, crafts, and coloring pages. We understand that kids learn differently, that is why our lesson plans come equipped with options of activities for kids to enjoy.

Who uses our resources?

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Home-school teachers
  • School administrators
  • OTs, SLPs, PTs, MDs
  • Teenagers
  • Yoga teachers
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"I love using these lesson plans in the classroom. My kids are always excited to do the yoga sequences included and mindfulness activities!"
- Alyssa, grade 5 teacher

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Yoga Cards

Yoga Cards

Coloring Books

Coloring Books

Seasonal Yoga

Seasonal Yoga

Why Yoga and Mindfulness?

Evidence shows that forming healthy habits through yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning helps kids to:

  • Increase physical strength, and flexibility
  • Manage emotions (self-management)
  • Understand the emotions of others (empathy)
  • Build confidence inside the classroom and out
  • Form a positive self-concept
  • Know how to access tools like breathing and positive affirmation in crisis moments

Inspire creativity with our coloring books

Instant download mindfulness coloring books to print and color on-the-go. Kids learn yoga poses while being creative!

Our inclusive illustrations mean that people can imagine themselves doing yoga, too. 

“I came across your website as I was searching for animal yoga poses with some diverse children images. It’s so great to see not only promoting yoga and yoga for kids but to ensure that your audience reflects so many diverse children. Its really means a lot as an educator, parent and Muslim woman of color to see images that represent all of us! Keep up the great work.”
-Erica S.

Parents, did you know doing yoga at home with your children models best practice and helps you bond?

Do mini sessions in the morning, at bedtime, or as an activity and get closer, learn strategies together, and become healthier!

Home school parents, did you know including yoga in your programming means everyone is active and gaining important life skills together?

See what Nichole, home school mom and private online teacher training graduate said: 
“I love doing yoga with my 4 children. It’s become part of our daily routine. We roll out the mats, breathe, and move together. We really look forward to it. It's brought literacy to life!”

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