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Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards
Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards
Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards

Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards

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Digital Download: This is a PDF digital resource which will be available for download upon purchase!

Ground yourself and find your inner calm with yoga.

Introducing our Time for Me Printable Yoga Cards. Discover five (5) calming yoga poses. Use these poses to encourage children to slow down and take care of themselves. With calming and soothing poses, children can learn to manage big emotions. Together, you’ll enjoy the calming benefits of yoga, which can help your kids with anxiety and stress. 

How to use:

Imagine your students heading to the peace corner, quietly practicing these 5 poses, and returning to their seat calm, empowered, and ready to focus. That kind of self-management is possible if you enable it!

Imagine your child, on the verge of a tantrum, heads to their room to practice these calming poses. They come back resourceful and ready to talk it out. 

Imagine your yoga students going home with their very own yoga cards to share at home, connecting your class to their home life and therefore bringing the skills home, too!

Printable Yoga Cards for Children

Print and cut out the yoga cards and use them in the classroom, yoga studio, or at home! Our beautifully-illustrated cards are perfect for promoting movement, mindfulness, and fun. Also included are written instructions for kids, giving cues for children to correctly practice the pose.

Whether you are a parent practicing yoga with your child, an educator or therapist, or a kids yoga teacher, this is the perfect resource for children to build their own yoga and mindfulness practice. Use these cards as warm-up activities, brain breaks, transitions between activities, or simply as an exercise sequence.

This packet includes:

  • Five (5) printable yoga cards
  • How-to instruction for each yoga pose, written for kids  
  • Tips for yoga and yoga games to play
  • Time for Me Yoga poster

Time for Me Printable Yoga Cards is a 10 page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper.

We LOVE this deck because it uses minimal language. When our brains are overwhelmed, we don't need to read. We need to go inside and slow down. This is perfect for children of any ages, but especially new readers and people that may have special needs.


Customer Reviews

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I haven’t “officially” introduced it yet but I laminated the cards for the kids, the directions for me, and the whole sequence. I posted the whole sequence and some kids expressed interest and I tried poses with them too. The freebie you sent about yoga day is also up. I’ve been bringing in my mats but I forgot them in the car but kids still experimented. I think this PDF gives you a lot for the money and I’m anxious to formally introduce it but today was busy and the weather was nice.

Time For Me: Calming Yoga Cards

Sweet, simple illustrations with clear instructions will make calm down routines and classroom spaces accessible and inviting to all learners. Thank you for making a collection I can implement day one!

Jennifer, thank you so much for the positive words. We made this simple with less stimulation and more connection in mind. Accessible to pre-literate, special needs, and 'typical' learners alike We so value your patronage and review <3

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