Professional Development

Yoga and mindfulness workshops for educators, clinicians, therapists and anyone who works with kids. Develop tangible skills to help students reduce stress and increase their energy and awareness.

Teacher stress and burnout are on the rise.

Research shows us that yoga and mindfulness can help cultivate a positive, productive, and supportive classroom climate.

We offer yoga and mindfulness workshops for your staff, on-site during school hours, after school or during summer break. Each of our workshops will provide your staff with effective teaching tools for integrating yoga, mindfulness and social-emotional learning into daily classroom life.

Workshops come with a beautifully illustrated handouts including yoga pose cards, instructions, good times, and tips for each activity.

How can yoga and mindfulness help the classroom?

  • Teachers learn self-regulation techniques for managing emotions
  • Improved conflict resolution ability
  • Reduced stress, burnout, depression and anxiety
  • Learn calming and compassionate techniques to improve classroom climate
  • Routines that work during circle time or at the start or class and during transitions.

“The children love it. I believe it’s made such an impact with my students, in behavior, emotional development, academic learning, and social development. What a remarkable difference!” - Judy G.

Our Professional Development Workshops

The calm child

Our signature workshop infuses yoga teachings with social emotional learning practices that help children deal with strong emotions as they arise throughout the day.

Learn a breathing technique, a yoga posture, and a mantra for each of 4 big emotions young children deal with on a daily basis.

- Self-awareness
- Self-management
- Relationship skills
- Decision-making skills

Mindfulness for educators

Our mindfulness workshop is uniquely designed for educators in two age categories: early childhood (ages 2-4) and K-8. The focus is on self-care, yoga and mindfulness for these educators.

Learn breathing and mindfulness practices that help them and their students to:

- Focus attention
- Cultivate life skills for positivity, happiness and kindness
- Notice and manage stress
- Relax in the present moment
- Deepen their awareness of the body, mind, and wider world

Staff Self-Care

Treat your staff to an hour of self-care. We offer gentle yoga, chair yoga, mindfulness meditation, relaxation, yoga nidra and more. We custom tailor these classes to the experience level and needs of your staff. Each of our instructors has a different specialty, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know and we can likely offer it. 

Pricing starts at $275 an hour plus licensing fee for handouts. Travel fees may apply

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