My Body and Caring for Myself
My Body and Caring for Myself
My Body and Caring for Myself
My Body and Caring for Myself
My Body and Caring for Myself

My Body and Caring for Myself

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Digital Download: This is a PDF digital resource which will be available for download upon purchase!

Teachers tell me they can't integrate yoga and mindfulness for two reasons: They don't know how and they don't have time. I hear that 100%.

This product is made to help you SAVE time, but first, you have to invest your time. If you spend ten minutes a day, 3 times a week in September and October, by November you only spend 5 minutes, and by January kids are doing this all by themselves. You can learn it together and then you ALL get the skills! Imagine that! Imagine the time you will save not micro-managing behavior.

A colleague and first-grade teacher name Nicole did just as I described above and her class was lightyears more manageable by mid-year than the other groups. People would comment about how quietly they walked in the hallway and how quickly they transitioned from activity to activity. She invested the time and was paid back in dividends. I developed this product to help others share in Nicole's success.

Together, we can use yoga and mindfulness to learn about and take care of our bodies. 

Social-emotional learning and self-awareness can be learned using this product. Think of the responsible decisions children can begin to make when we help them connect the dots inward and outward.

Commit to this lesson unit to help your students become more aware of their bodies as you guide them to make mindful connections between how body parts may feel and how can we care for ourselves. Explore ten (10) key body parts and how we can use body awareness to learn about our bodies and emotions while gaining valuable exercise. Each body part has accompanying yoga poses, mindful activities, and facilitated discussion prompts.

This lesson unit includes:

  • Teacher’s Manual: a complete lesson plan filled with facilitated discussions, activities, yoga poses, meditations and more.
  • Student Workbook: written for children, a beautiful combination of a body awareness journal and an illustrated yoga practice sequence to care for each body part.
  • Yoga Pose Index: a how-to instruction for 21 yoga poses, breathing exercises and mindfulness activities.
  • Presentation: a slide presentation including yoga poses and activities found in the Teacher’s Manual perfect for viewing on a SmartBoard.

Teacher’s Manual and accompanying Student Workbook that kids will love!

Teach students to care for themselves using our Teacher’s Manual and companion Student Workbook. Use the Yoga Pose Index to discover how to do each pose, written for children. 

All of the content featured in the Student Workbook is expanded for teachers and parents in the Teacher’s Manual, so you can use them together. Use the accompanying presentation on a smartboard for visual aid. The Student Workbook features a body awareness journal that kids can fill out while learning yoga poses and mindfulness activities. 

In the Teacher’s Manual, you will find:

  • “My Body and Caring for Myself” lesson plan
  • Ten (10) unique body part experiences, each paired with a combination of meditation, mudra, yoga poses, and/or breathing for each one 
  • Group work and fun activities with facilitated questions and discussion prompts
  • Tips for management, when to explore deeper, and when to move on

In the Student Workbook, you will find:

  • Ten (10) unique body part experiences, each paired with a combination of meditation, mudra, yoga poses, fun facts and/or breathing for each one 
  • Mindful journaling questions for each body part 
  • Daily Practice Journals to promote forming #lifelonghealthyhabits
  • Information about how yoga, mindfulness and body awareness can help us take care of ourselves

The Presentation works amazingly well on a SmartBoard or any device, so you can follow the talking points as you naturally veer into an interesting discussion with your students.

These lessons plans can be used as a yoga class series, or easily incorporated into the school classroom or at home.

This download includes four (4) PDFs which you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print out onto paper.

Our digital products are perfect for viewing on your phone or tablets! Help reduce our carbon footprint by mindfully choosing what to print. Try printing on card stock and laminate so they last for many future uses by big and little hands.